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10 Things About Montessori

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

You must have heard about Montessori over and over again. Now this is our time to let you know what's on our mind about Montessori at Montessori Haus Asia.

1. Experiences.

We believe it is not only dedicated for children, but also for us to experience it with our

own senses.

2. Timing.

We believe that the timing must be precisely and also respected. Everyone has their own

time. Time to learn. Time to change. Time to understand. Time to heal. Time to share. In

Montessori Haus Asia, Timing is very important. At the right time, the right place and the

right people at the right spot.

3. YOU.

It is the ADULT! We are here to prepare the ADULT. We believe that it is not a coincidence

that Montessori Haus Asia is in Indonesia. It is to serve the Adult in order to help and

support the formation of the human being, the children.

4. Environment.

It is the ultimate goal in Montessori learning that we have to be able to understand about

the child and his potentials. The environment plays big part in it. Creating the best

environment is what we want you to achieve at the end of the day.

5. The Child.

Montessori puts the center of attention in the child. We have to focus on observing the

child. Montessori Haus Asia lets you dig deeper into the anatomy, physic and psychic, of

the child.

6. Life-Long Learners.

This has to be the goal. If we want to live our lives to the fullest, Montessori's perspective

is to be the life-long learners.

7. Respect.

Respect is given to the person. The child no matter how small is, he is also a person.

8. Comprehensive.

It is a holistic curriculum for children. It touches not only physical, but also spiritual.

It enhances not only academic skills, but also the soft skills. It creates not only the

champion, but also the victory. It is comprehensive learning. Just the same like what

Montessori Haus Asia offers. Comprehensive of studies.

9. Peace.

The end of the line is Peace. We are part of the society. Only through education,

peace can be found on earth. Education transforms life. It brings peace by giving

right understanding about life.

10. Freedom within Limits.

In the era of digital technology, we still can find the limits for everything. Montessori

teaches us about limitation in life. Nothing lasts forever yet the limitation is real.

Children learn to accept the reality and go along well with it.

How about you? What's your insight about Montessori. This method speaks the same to everyone but your take might be different than others. The insight might be a helping hand for you to use to find the path in parenting nowadays or creating early childhood education industry. Whatever it is, It has to be a great source of motivation to be the best version of us. So that, we are well-prepared to nurtured the young minds.

It is the heart that you need to take a good care of.

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